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Hello there to the Chaotic Riff's Magazine audience out there and as we speak we are in the process of making a new/even better Chaotic Riff's site for you.  Many of our viewers/audience, people who visit our site know me as Jason "JRock" Houston but I was born simply of course as Jason Houston and I must start off by thanking Leithal-X who gave me the opportunity to be a big part of the development of Chaotic Riffs Magazine.  Now I'd like to share a funny story with you all prior to the launch of Chaotic Riff's magazine Leithal-X and I had never met but he had contacted me via E-mail after viewing some print style interviews I had done at that time which I published on my MYSPACE site.  Anyone remember My-Space?  Laugh all you will but that's where the connection between me and Leithal-X first took place and it was in reading his E-mail where he first had explained his idea/desire to launch an on-line magazine style site to support hard rock/Metal bands right away I saw this as an opportunity and was on board!  I bring this all up because I think it's important to you all to know that the concept/idea for Chaotic Riff's Magazine first launched on MYSPACE/through E-mail...Now here's the funny part through the first series of E-mails sent to me from Leithal-X, who is of course the owner/creator of Chaotic Riffs Magazine.  I thought the name of the person I was speaking to was a female, that's how I thought his name was pronounced and again through a series of E-mails he finally realized I did not know the correct way pronounce his name and he eventually wrote back I'm a guy...wow...  But ok I quickly got the point and since then I've enjoyed seeing Chaotic Riffs develop into what it has become today.  I must point out the irony in talking about Leithal-X's name and the way I once thought it was pronounced as he is the one that tagged me with the name "JROCK" which on the surface is so simple but it's a tag that has stuck and I'm quite honored/pleased by that because again on the surface "JROCK may come across as really quite a simple name but it really does describe who and what I am when it comes to my love for all things hard Rock/Metal!

Now as far as a little more about who I am and my own personal story, I was born Jason Houston on July 4th, 197? and growing up that was always such a big deal to me, being born on July 4th, when I was younger my friends and family always made a big deal about my being born on July 4th, and to this day my annual birthday bash continues to be a big deal in the fact that it is still a huge reason once a year for all my friends and family to gather, get together and just have "Nothin But A Good time".  Now being that I was born in 197? I was a child of the 70's and 80's and for me that was just so huge!  I mean let's be honest, today in 2018 music from the 70's is now considered to be "Classic Rock" and the music from the 80's was an era where everything was bigger, badder, better, I mean even the hair and that's why today many of the band's I grew up on are labeled as being "Hair Bands".  Kind of ironic when you consider back then many of the bands were glammed out to the nines but today many of those iconic rockers have much thinner hair, Hey I'm with them! (Lol).

Some of my favorite bands include Kiss, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, bands that were all Larger Than Life, bands that had a look and sound that were equally huge!  I loved these bands not just because I loved their music, but they all had a real Rock Star image!  I mean Kiss was the band I first really fell in love partly because they were like Super Heroes that came to life but then I'll never forget putting Kiss's Destroyer on and realizing not only was this a band that looked good but they could deliver the goods, I mean 40 years later you can put on Destroyer or any other Kiss album and the songs will sound just as good as they did the first time you heard them.  Kiss, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi, Ratt a few others to add to my list all found success because these were bands that had the needed ingredient which were Musicians who had the ability to write a hit song!

Now as I mentioned I've always been a huge fan of Rock bands who not just had a great sound/but great look/image and could put on a great Rock Show anytime you would go see the band live!  As much as I may be a fan of Poison/Kiss/Motley Crue I realized that when it came to the world of Hard Rock/Metal that there were other bands in the Hard Rock/Metal world that could still be labeled as Hard Rock or Metal but sounded quite different.  I mean I quickly realized there's no reason I couldn't be a Kiss fan and a fan of Black Sabbath, Motorhead or even a band like LA Guns or Enuff Znuff.  

Now that you know a little bit about and some the bands that make up my musical CD catalog I want to point out in the many years that Chaotic Riffs has been on-line that one of our goals has been just that which is to feature an array of Musicians/bands throughout the Metal/Hard Rock spectrum and to sometimes even take a giant leap outside of that box.  I mean over the years we've featured interviews with local bands. national acts, bands/acts that are just starting out, even a few Rap acts, I mean we've interviewed bands as diverse as Enuff Znuff, Great White, Ronny North, Jeffrey Alan D'Bury, and even national tribute bands.  Many people may scuff at the notion of covering tribute bands but I have found and very much believe that everyone has a story to tell, everyone has an audience to tell their story to so why not allow them the opportunity to tell their story?   Like I said we are in the process of launching a new/improved Chaotic Riffs Magazine for you and we'd like to urge you to come and visit us as often as you like, I'd like to encourage you all to leave us your feedback be it positive or negative and get more involved in your Chaotic Riffs Magazine community to help us to make the best site possible for you all.

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